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Biological Catering Products

We are suppliers of Kitchen and Washroom Supplies in commercial premises including hotels, restaurants, care centres etc.

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BioFree Biological Drain & Grease Trap Treatment

Contains specially selected lipase producing bacteria, nutrients and enzymes in a buffer solution. Keeps drains, grease traps and septic tanks odour free and free flowing. Suitable for manual or automatic dosing systems.
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BioBlock Biological Urinal Blocks

perfumed, water soluble urinal blocks with a biological and enzymatic cleaning efficiency to remove the fats and solids that build up in urinal traps and pipework, causing odours, slow running outlets and flooding.
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anchor 5litre N1

BioMagic Anchor Odour Control provides 100 x 50ml treatments anywhere where odour control is a problem, eg, bathrooms, and kitchens. This unique formulation based on micro biological technology attaches an anchor on the odour forming molecules and prevents them from escaping (airborne) out of the tank or drainage system thus preventing bad smells and keeps the bio degradation in the tank working effectively.
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Descaler Drain and Urinal Lime Scale Remover

Descaler is a powerful yet safe aqueous blend of emulsifiers, solvents, mineral acids and corrosion inhibitors  capable of removing dirt, algae, mould rust stains, uric acid and lime-scale build up on hard surfaces, toilet bowls, urinals, drains and soil pipes. Unblocks slow running pipes by breaking down the uric acid crystals and lime-scale coating on the pipework. Descales kettles, bain maries, hot water boilers and dishwash machines. Brightens stainless steel and ceramic surfaces.
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MicroPower All Purpose Cleaner

Specialised blend of liquid bacterial cultures, surfactants and enzymes specifically selected for the degradation of organic wastes which can promote pest infestation. The bacteria in this product constantly produce various enzymes that are essential in the breakdown of a wide range of organic compounds. MicroPower breaks down organic food residues under equipment, counters and difficult to reach areas reducing the risk of food build-up,foul odours and a potential breeding ground for pests. MicroPower also reduces the risk of slipping by removing ingrained grease and oil to bring back the non-slip properties of special safety floor coverings.
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Alkaline Cleaner

A highly effective, non-caustic alkaline cleaner with corrosion inhibitors for general cleaning of oils, fats and greases from food processing machinery and production areas. Safe on brass, aluminium and galvanised surfaces. Ideal for removing burnt on deposits from barbecues and grills. Highly effective in industrial parts washers and degreaser units.
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GreenOff Mould, Moss and Algae Remover

GreenOff is a specialised blend of liquid bacteria cultures, surfactants, enzymes and natural oxidisers for the removal of mould and green algae from all wooden and stone surfaces. Helps prevent accidents from slippery floor surfaces. GreenOff is an effective restorative cleaner for the removal of moss and green algae build up on patios, wooden decking, fencing panels and garden sheds giving long term protection on all surfaces. Excellent for cleaning around barbecue areas to remove spillages of oil, grease and deposits.
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