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Home and Garden

Interbio sell products for home and garden, from general stain remover to biological cleaners. All of which are biologically friendly, safe to use and kind to the environment. Put down the harsh chemicals and pick up a bottle of one of our latest environmentally friendly products.

“Say Goodbye to Smelly Septic Tanks, Cesspits and Drains”

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Septic Tank / Cesspits Treatment

For the Home

Around the Home

GumSolve – Grease, Adhesive & General Stain Remover

The simple “natural solvent solution” for sticky substance problems which also has many other uses. GumSolve contains an amalgam of Ethanol and Amphipathic extracts of essential Oils and has been specifically formulated as a thixotropic gel in order to contain it on gum and inhibit unnecessary ingress down the yarn where it could compromise certain adhesive or latex primary backings.
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                     MicroPower – All Purpose Cleaner

                                Specialised blend of liquid bacterial cultures, surfactants and enzymes specifically selected for the degradation of organic wastes which can promote pest infestation. The bacteria in this product constantly produce various enzymes that are essential in the breakdown of a wide range of organic compounds. MicroPower breaks down organic food residues under equipment, counters and difficult to reach areas reducing the risk of food build-up,foul odours and a potential breeding ground for pests. MicroPower also reduces the risk of slipping by removing ingrained grease and oil to bring back the non-slip properties of special safety floor coverings.
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Descaler – Drain and Urinal Lime Scale Remover

Descaler is a powerful yet safe aqueous blend of emulsifiers, solvents, mineral acids and corrosion inhibitors  capable of removing dirt, algae, mould rust stains, uric acid and lime-scale build up on hard surfaces, toilet bowls, urinals, drains and soil pipes. Unblocks slow running pipes by breaking down the uric acid crystals and lime-scale coating on the pipework. Descales kettles, bain maries, hot water boilers and dishwash machines. Brightens stainless steel and ceramic surfaces.
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Citrus Degreaser – for Hard Surfaces and Drains

Citrus Degreaser MS has been specially developed to use as a hard surface cleaner, degreaser or drain cleaner without the use of traditional hydrocarbon solvents. Suitable for any kind of Bike, Bicycle, Cycle, Motorbike cleaning of engine or chain parts. Citrus Degreaser MS is based on natural solvent extracted from the peel of citrus fruit and advanced surfactant technology to provide a safe, fully biodegradable product which is water soluble and ideal to use on any type of surface.
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OilOff – Oil & Grease Remover

OPEC Oil Off. Fast action removal of oil based stains. It contains no solvents and is 100% natural. Oil-off is a proprietary blend of bacterial spores, concentrated biodegradable surfactants and biostimulating agents. Oil off is quick acting and effective in removing surface stains resulting from spilled petroleum products on concrete (oil removal from concrete), asphalt, rock, stone and tarmac. Oil off shortens clean-up times, increases contaminant bioavailability and initiates biodegradation. OPEC stands for liquid Oil Product Extracting Capsule.
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For the Garden

In the Garden
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Inter-Bio Plant Tonic

Natural NON-CHEMICAL Growth Stimulant & Insect, Pest and Fungal Disease Suppressant

Our Plant Tonic offers a natural alternative to the use of chemical products that are sometimes harmful to
humans and their environment.

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Softguard Plant Health Care

Softguard contains Oligo Saccharin which is used in agriculture for soil improvement, seed coating, root activation and plant health, improves the immune system.
Oligo Saccharin is produced by special biochemical technology. It boosts the immune systems in all types of plants.
Promotes crop growth, builds up the capacity of resistance, increases yield and improves quality.
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greenoff-fence-clean squareGreenOff Algae and Mould Remover for Decking and Fencing

GreenOff is a specialised blend of liquid bacteria cultures, surfactants, enzymes and natural oxidisers for the removal of mould and green algae from all wooden and stone surfaces. Helps prevent accidents from slippery floor surfaces.

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Pond Relief

Clear and clean ponds the natural way, removes Algae with microbes (no chemicals) Improves Fish health. Suitable for all sizes of Aquatic areas including Aquariums.

  • Clear Algae from Ponds and Lakes… in days!
  • A completely safe way to treat problem lakes / ponds.
  • Clears green water, removes blanket weed.
  • Improves water quality for fish and aquatic life.
  • Proven results with fish farming companies.
  •  PondRelief controls Algae growth.

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For the Septic Tank

Septic Tank (Cesspit) Treatment

A range of septic tank treatment products designed to prevent blockages, seepages, bad smells and odours in septic tanks and soakaways


Symptoms of a problem septic tank system: These are the usual signs that a septic tank is losing its ability to digest the waste effluent properly due to a variety of causes.

  • Bad odours from septic tank and pipe system
  • Effluent seeping from the ground
  • Foul water overflowing in the soakaway area
  • Slow running drainage

Typical causes of the problems: The following may cause an overload of the natural function of a septic tank, slowing the digestion process and allowing solids and wastes to build up, thus leading to blockages.

  • Excessive use and dumping of cooking oils and fats
  • Flushing non-biodgradable items such as sanitary towels, cotton buds etc.
  • Overuse of waste disposal grinders to dispose of heavy vegetable and food waste, causing clogging.
  • Certain chemicals such as antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and High BLEACH concentrates.
  • Dumping of inorganic materials such as paints, solvents etc.

Remedies: Interbio offer a range of products designed to tackle the problems and restore and maintain the efficient working of septic tanks.

SeptClean 250FE Septic Tank Treatment (Cesspool Treatment)

Powdered product based on micro-organisms, enzymes and nutrients to liquefy and digest grease, cellulose, starch, surfactants, etc … It is clean and safe to handle and use, being supplied in a convenient water soluble sachet for direct application into the WC. Compared to Toilet chemicals this works biologically and is environmental friendly.

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Emergency Start Up Treatment Booster Pack

Specially formulated version of 250FE which is specifically designed to be added directly to a blocked tank to kick-start the reactivation of the tank. Once the tank is restored to use, it can then be maintained in peak condition with SeptClean 250FE.

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OxiPlus TR35 Oxygenator

Speeds up any Septic Tank activities, special when the system has failed it will turn unaerobic activities in aerobic activities. Eliminates odours from septic tanks.

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BioFree Grease Trap Treatment

Biological Liquid For Digesting Fats Oil & Grease (Fog)
Unique liquid biological formulation replaces environmentally hazardous cleaners – Reduces the risk of breeding ground for pests – Keeps drains, traps and pipelines clean and free flowing – Digests grease, solid organic waste and effluent.

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