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Inter-Bio Organic Solutions for Farming, Growers, Gardeners and Industry

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Inter-Bio Plant Tonic

Natural NON-CHEMICAL Growth Stimulant & Insect, Pest and Fungal Disease Suppressant

Inter-Bio Plant Tonic offers a natural alternative to the use of chemical products that are sometimes harmful to
humans and their environment.

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Softguard Plant Health Care

Softguard contains Oligo Saccharin which is used in agriculture for soil improvement, seed coating, root activation and plant health, improves the immune system.
Oligo Saccharin is produced by special biochemical technology. It boosts the immune systems in all types of plants.
Promotes crop growth, builds up the capacity of resistance, increases yield and improves quality.
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greenoff-fence-clean squareGreenOff Algae and Mould Remover for Decking and Fencing

GreenOff is a specialised blend of liquid bacteria cultures, surfactants, enzymes and natural oxidisers for the removal of mould and green algae from all wooden and stone surfaces. Helps prevent accidents from slippery floor surfaces.

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OxiPlus Oxygenator

OxiPlus is a non-hazardous biodegradable oxidant that stimulates natural bacteria and fungi thereby accelerating the bio-remediation of all forms of land and water contamination. Rapidly changes anaerobic conditions to aerobic, destroying odours and preventing dangerous methane and hydrogen sulphide build up from waste treatments. It is an oxygen-rich liquid that is manufactured from Oxygen & Nitrogen bearing salts dissolved in pure water. There are no poisons or harmful chemicals in it, so it is safe to humans, animals, plants and the environment, but could cause problems if ingested.

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