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Descaler Drain and Urinal Lime Scale Remover

DescalerDrain and Urinal Lime Scale Remover



  • Effective, environmentally safe product for all descaling and cleaning applications,.
  • Removes rust stains and scale build-up from all types of hard surfaces.
  • Dilutable for added economy.
  • Brightens stainless and ceramic surfaces removing odours.


Product Description

Descaler is a powerful yet safe aqueous blend of emulsifiers, solvents, mineral acids and corrosion inhibitors  capable of removing dirt, algae, mould rust stains, uric acid and lime-scale build up on hard surfaces, toilet bowls, urinals, drains and soil pipes. Unblocks slow running pipes by breaking down the uric acid crystals and lime-scale coating on the pipework. Descales kettles, bain maries, hot water boilers and dishwash machines. Brightens stainless steel and ceramic surfaces.

Descaler is  also  suitable  for the removal of surface rust from metals, machinery and components.

Descaler can be used hot or cold and applied by sprayer, mop, brush or manually poured into toilets, urinals and pipes.

Descaler (Toilet Descaler) contains  fully  biodegradable  surfactants, mineral acids and will not affect pipework or hard surfaces.

Directions for use

Directions for use

Use neat on problem areas. Can be diluted up to 5:1 with water as a regular maintenance product particularly in hard water areas. Apply by pouring, sprayer, mop or brush. On exterior surfaces agitate  with a stiff brush and leave on surface for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with clean water.

For de-rusting  tools and equipment, simply spray, brush or immerse item in dip tank containing neat solution.

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