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Industrial Degreasing


Industrial Degreasing Products

Citrus Degreaser
– for Hard Surfaces and Drains

Citrus Degreaser MS has been specially developed to use as a hard surface cleaner, degreaser or drain cleaner without the use of traditional hydrocarbon solvents. Suitable for any kind of Bike, Bicycle, Cycle, Motorbike cleaning of engine or chain parts. Citrus Degreaser MS is based on natural solvent extracted from the peel of citrus fruit and advanced surfactant technology to provide a safe, fully biodegradable product which is water soluble and ideal to use on any type of surface.
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Safety Solvent Cleaner

High Purity Safety Solvent Cleaner – Electronic Parts Cleaner/Degreaser Our Safety Solvent Cleaner is a premium grade safety solvent that possesses superior solvency. It’s non-conductive, Non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-irritating. Evaporates without leaving residue. Can be used for electric motors, air conditioners, machines, engines, etc.
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gumsolve 5litreGumSolve
– Grease, Adhesive & General Stain Remover

The simple natural solvent solution for sticky substance problems which also has many other uses. GumSolve contains an amalgam of Ethanol and Amphipathic extracts of essential Oils and has been specifically formulated as a thixotropic gel in order to contain it on gum and inhibit unnecessary ingress down the yarn where it could compromise certain adhesive or latex primary backings.
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