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Non-Aromatic Safety Solvent Cleaner

Safety Solvent Cleaner  is  a  highly  refined  blend  of  aliphatic  hydrocarbons which can  be  used  as  a  safe  alternative  to  traditional 111  Trichloroethane based  solvent degreasers where rapid drying is  not a critical  requirement.

Safety Solvent Cleaner  does  not  contain  any  ozone  depletants  and is non toxic.

Safety Solvent  Cleaner  has  a high flash point of  60  Deg C and although classified as  flammable  it  is  considerably  less  hazardous  than  many  of  the other alternatives.

Safety Solvent Cleaner is  effective  on oils, silicones  and  greases leaving surfaces clean and  without  residues  when dry.  The  evaporation rate can be significantly increased with the aid of warm air circulation.

Safety  Solvent  Cleaner is safe on metals, alloys,  plastics,  electronic and Electrical components, elastomers, most rubbers and painted surfaces including chlorinated rubber finishes.

Safety Solvent Cleaner can be used manually with sprayer/brush or in ultrasonic bath or dip-tank.

Safety Solvent Cleaner  is  suitable  for  precision  cleaning  operations, electrical and mechanical cleaning including PCB’s and motor windings.


  • Offers better hazard and environmental classification than other alternatives.
  • Leaves no residues when dry.
  • No compatibility problems with a wide range of materials.
  • Cost effective due to long life is use.
  • No hazchem labelling  required in transport, storage or use.
  • Not classified as an ozone depletant or V.O.C. so helps to meet solvent emission consent levels.
  • Virtually odourless product makes it pleasant to use in the workplace.

Safety Solvent Datasheet