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Oil Cleanup & Remediation


Organic Solutions for Oil Cleanup & Soil Remediation

oil patchOilOff Oil & Grease Remover

Fast action removal of oil based stains. It contains no solvents and is 100% natural. Oil-off is a proprietary blend of bacterial spores, concentrated biodegradable surfactants and biostimulating agents. Oil off is quick acting and effective in removing surface stains resulting from spilled petroleum products on concrete (oil removal from concrete), asphalt, rock, stone and tarmac. Oil off shortens clean-up times, increases contaminant bioavailability and initiates biodegradation. 
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Soil Remediation BK350-10

An effective, environmentally safe solution for rapid oil and organic degradation. Supplied in a water soluble 250 gm sachet for ease of handling and accurate dosing. Biological action reduces oil and contaminants to carbon dioxide and water. Reduces risk of pollution liability and lowers disposal costs.
Used in situ and reduces cost on landfill. Product requires no hazchem labelling and is therefore safe in use, storage and transport. Does not contain any harsh chemicals.
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 Adhesive & General Stain Remover

The simple natural solvent solution for chewing gum problems which also has many other uses. GumSolve contains an amalgam of Ethanol and Amphipathic extracts of essential Oils and has been specifically formulated as a thixotropic gel in order to contain it on gum and inhibit unnecessary ingress down the yarn where it could compromise certain adhesive or latex primary backings.
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