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Pond Relief

Pond Relief

Clear and clean ponds the natural way, removes Algae with microbes (no chemicals). This agae control is safe for fish and plants



  • Clear Algae from Ponds and Lakes… in days!
  • A completely safe way to treat problem lakes / ponds.
  • Clears green water, removes blanket weed.
  • Improves water quality for fish and aquatic life.
  • Proven results with fish farming companies.
  • PondRelief controls Algae growth. The Pond Algae
  • Over 5 Billion Workers per ONE gram

– Fast acting, natural solution
– Reduces odors and improves water clarity
– Biodegradable and non-toxic to humans, fish, beneficial aquatic organisms and wildlife
– Easy application – packaged in convenient water soluble sachets or loose powder
– Effective in broad water pH range between 5.5 and 8.5
– Compatible with standard aeration equipment


Product Description

– Excessive nutrient content reduction (rescue)
– Aquatic biosystem preventative maintenance
– For ponds, lakes, water hazards, irrigation tanks, the pond algae control product on the market.

Biological Amendment For Water Management (algae remover through food competition)
PondRelief is a natural, non-toxic, biological product designed to solve the problem of excessive nutrient content in contained bodies of water. When added to a lake, pond or other area of contained water, PondRelief will quickly populate the affected area and help breakdown excessive organic matter and nutrient runoff, improve water clarity (remove green water), reduce odours and restore a natural balance to the ecosystem. PondRelief is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly product and is non-toxic to humans, fish, beneficial aquatic organisms and wildlife. The safe algae remover (blanket weed remover through food competition).

Product Components

– Bacterial cultures – over five Billion organisms per one gram
– Bran-based carrier
– Cellulose-based packaging


– 40 x 250 grams water soluble packets per box (10 kg Industry Bulk Pack)
– 500 grams

Directions for use

Application Instructions

– Handle PondRelief with dry hands or gloves. Evenly distribute PondRelief into
the water at specified rates. As the PondRelief dissolves, the microbes are released
and immediately begin to populate the area.

– Apply at any time of the day when the water temperature is warmer and increasing light
conditions stimulate aquatic growth. Product efficiency is maximised when water
temperature exceeds 13ยบ C. Recommended for use in broad water pH range
between 5.5 and 8.5.

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