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Septic Tank Treatment


A range of septic tank treatment products designed to prevent blockages, seepages, bad smells and odours in septic tanks and soakaways

Symptoms of a problem septic tank system: These are the usual signs that a septic tank is losing its ability to digest the waste effluent properly due to a variety of causes.

  • Bad odours from septic tank and pipe system
  • Effluent seeping from the ground
  • Foul water overflowing in the soakaway area
  • Slow running drainage

Typical causes of the problems: The following may cause an overload of the natural function of a septic tank, slowing the digestion process and allowing solids and wastes to build up, thus leading to blockages.

  • Excessive use and dumping of cooking oils and fats
  • Flushing non-biodgradable items such as sanitary towels, cotton buds etc.
  • Overuse of waste disposal grinders to dispose of heavy vegetable and food waste, causing clogging.
  • Certain chemicals such as antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and High BLEACH concentrates.
  • Dumping of inorganic materials such as paints, solvents etc.

Remedies: Interbio offer a range of products designed to tackle the problems and restore and maintain the efficient working of septic tanks.

SeptClean 250FE Septic Tank Treatment (Cesspool Treatment)

Powdered product based on micro-organisms, enzymes and nutrients to liquefy and digest grease, cellulose, starch, surfactants, etc … It is clean and safe to handle and use, being supplied in a convenient water soluble sachet for direct application into the WC. Compared to Toilet chemicals this works biologically and is environmental friendly.

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Emergency Start Up Treatment Booster Pack

Specially formulated version of 250FE which is specifically designed to be added directly to a blocked tank to kick-start the reactivation of the tank. Once the tank is restored to use, it can then be maintained in peak condition with SeptClean 250FE.

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OxiPlus TR35 Oxygenator

Speeds up any Septic Tank activities, special when the system has failed it will turn unaerobic activities in aerobic activities. Eliminates odours from septic tanks.

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BioFree Grease Trap Treatment

Biological Liquid For Digesting Fats Oil & Grease (Fog)
Unique liquid biological formulation replaces environmentally hazardous cleaners – Reduces the risk of breeding ground for pests – Keeps drains, traps and pipelines clean and free flowing – Digests grease, solid organic waste and effluent.

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