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SoftGuard Plant Health Care

SoftGuard Plant Health Care



  • Improves frost protection
  • Hardens living cell structure to improve the natural immunity system
  • Promotes crop growth
  • Builds up the capacity of resistance
  • Increases yield and improves quality
  • Improves flower setting
  • Improves bloom and fruit setting
  • Improves growth rate
  • Protective coating for fruits and vegetables
  • Contains Oligo Saccharin
  • Natural way to protect your plants.
  • Improves resistance of roses against environmental stress


Product Description

Softguard contains Oligo Saccharin which is used in agriculture for soil improvement, seed coating, root activation and plant health, improves the immune system.

Oligo Saccharin is produced by special biochemical technology and It boosts the immune systems in all types of plant.

Oligo Saccharin is a natural organic compound, insoluble in water and general organic solvents. Oligo Saccharin is soluble in various organic acids. Both are co-polymers in mixed Carbohydrates, included the derivative of Nitrogen-Glucose combination cation molecules.

They protect and strengthen the living cell-wall structure.

Oligo Saccharin offers a natural alternative to the use of chemical products that are sometimes harmful to humans and their environment. Oligo Saccharin triggers the defensive mechanisms in plants ( acting much like a vaccine in humans ), stimulates growth and induces certain enzymes (synthesis of phytoalexins, pectinases, glucanases, and lignin). In addition to the growth-stimulation properties and enviromental stress, Oligo Saccharins are used for:

· Seed-coating
· Frost protection
· Bloom and fruit-setting stimulation
· Timed release of product into the soil (fertilizers, organic control agents, nutrients)
· Protective coating for fruits and vegetables


It has been affirmed that Softguard begins the production of the phytoalexins, leading to lignin synthesis, and promoting ethylene formation. Lignin strengthens the cell walls, while ethylene has many different functions.

Softguard has no toxicity, no residue and is suitable for non-pollution agricultural ecological system and sustainable development of agriculture. However many previously unsolved technical difficulties were overcome to produce Softguard at industrial scale.

Production Process:

Oligo Saccharin decartelization Oligo Saccharin degradation Softguard



Analysis of Softguard Wt/Vol 
Oligo Saccharin(Molecule weight =3000 Dalton) = 2.6%
N,P 2 O 5 ,K 2 O 12%
Appearance Light yellow liquid
pH 4-5
Gravity 1:1.1

Directions for use

Directions for use

Dilution Rates:

1:1000 (1ml per litre) for seed soaking and root watering.

1:600 (1.5ml per litre) for foliar feeding / spray.

Application: Foliar Spraying and Root Watering

Measure the amount required for dilution (we recommend the use of a syringe). Mix with water & apply to plants by either spraying the leaves or watering the roots.


Apply once a week for the first 3 weeks, then once a month therafter.


More Info

Foliar Spraying: Small 600ml – 750ml hand sprayer

  1. Fill the sprayer bottle with 100 ml of Soft Guard
  2. Then fill the rest with water, making the dilution rate 1-5 in the bottle, one part soft guard to five parts water.
  3. Spray foliage until wet.
  4. Apply once a week for the 1st 3rd weeks and then once a month for maintenance, throughout the growing season.

Foliar Spraying: 2 / 5 litre pressure sprayer

2 Litre – Fill the sprayer bottle with water and add 4ml  of Soft Guard
5 Litre – Fill the sprayer bottle with water and add 10ml Soft Guard

(dilution rate 1:600 / 1.5ml per litre)

Spray foliage until wet.

Apply once a week for the 1st 3 weeks and then once a month for maintenance, throughout the growing season.

Root watering  

  1. Add 10ml Soft Guard to 10 litres of clear water.
  2. Proceed to water roots

Seed Soaking

  1. Dilute 2ml Soft Guard to 1 litre water
  2. Place seeds in a tray and spray until half seed is submerged.
  3. Leave for 1-6 hours depending upon skin thickness
  4. Remove seeds and dry before sowing.





From: Gareth Cameron
Sent: 15 November 2010
Subject: Interbio product tests

Hi Alan,
Just wanted to summarise my trials which I have carried out with Interbio products over the last three years.

The most amazing trial was with the germination of seeds which had been put into a solution of Interbio Plant Tonic for 6 hours prior to sowing. The ones that had been treated, germinated on average 4 or 5 days sooner than those which were not. I came across some Tex cabbage seeds in an old tin in my garden shed. They had been there for at least 6 years and after soaking them in Interbio Plant Tonic every one of them germinated!

I also found that by regular foliar spraying and root watering with Interbio Plant Tonic every 14 days most vegetables seemed to thrive better than those that were not treated.

The Soft Guard trials on my leeks were amazing. I gave some to my friend Ron Jackson from the Welsh Branch of the National Vegetable Society and lo and behold, his results were the same. By regular foliar spraying of our exhibition leeks, there was no insect damage at all and the shine on the foliage was amazing. After many successes at the National and Local Shows we have repeatedly been asked “what are you spraying your leeks with?”

I also found that by root watering with Soft Guard when the plants were in pots in the greenhouse it helped to combat the most common and difficult to control problem at the moment, Scarid fly in compost. This has been a major bonus for Vegetable Society exhibitors.

When I used both the Alga95 Seaweed powder and Interbio Plant Tonic on brassicas there was a much better harvest than those which had normal chemical fertiliser. The quality of harvested cabbages was far superior due to the fact there was less white butterfly damage, maybe they don’t like seaweed! I now only grow brassicas for home consumption and exhibitions, using Alga95 and Softguard.

Along with Ian Stocks from Scotland, we decided to trial growing peas for exhibition just using seaweed powder. Regret to say he won the National Championships ( only joking) but the resistance to powdery mildew was brilliant but we need to carry out more trials to provide some documented proof it works. Also some one who I hold in such high regard as one of the best growers is Alistair Gray. I gave him some Alga95 seaweed powder for trials on his begonias and he reported that he has never had begonias for showing like them, and he has been exhibiting them for over 20 years. He stated the quality of the blooms and colour was unbelievable.

I found that the use of your products from day one in the greenhouse and carried through the season gave me much stronger and healthier plants and the greatest benefit of all, no toxic residues what so ever. So thank you for allowing me to trial the products which I have enjoyed doing. One more thing I would recommend is when using Interbio Plant Tonic also add 1ml of Softguard. I can see the additional benefit on controlled trials I have carried out this season.


Gareth Cameron.

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